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Microfiber towel Superior 350 40×40cm

Microfiber towel Superior 350 40×40cm

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  • Made in South Korea

  • Exceptional Thickness: Our product boasts an exceptional thickness, making it the perfect choice for buffing and polishing cars, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes.

  • Dual-Sided Design: The dual-sided design ensures that you can use both sides of the cloth to achieve the desired results.

  • Quick-Drying and Comfortable: Our cloth is quickly-drying and provides a soft and comfortable experience.

  • Machine-Washable: The cloth is easy to clean and maintain since it is machine-washable.

  • Lint-Free and Streak-Free: Our cloth guarantees a lint-free and streak-free finish, enhancing the overall look of the treated surface.

  • Hygienic and Highly Absorbent: Our product is highly hygienic, and its extreme water absorbent nature ensures eco-friendliness.

  • Scratch-Free Design: The absence of edges ensures a scratch-free experience for the treated surface.

  • Ideal for Professional Detailing: Our product is suitable for all phases of professional detailing, making it a must-have item for car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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Name : Microfiber Superior 350
Temper :  30% Polyamide / 70% Polyester
Size : 40×40 cm
Color : cyan, red, violet, white
Origin : South Korea
Customized packaging : available

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