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Acid Free Wheel Cleaner

Acid Free Wheel Cleaner

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Acid Free Wheel Cleaner #krytexpower is a powerful, revolutionary, acid-free rim cleaner that has been specifically developed for cleaning all types of rims, especially light-alloy rims.Due to its unique composition of, among other things, specific slightly alkaline raw materials and tensio-active components, old and weathered tires become like new again.

KEY FEATURES: Acid Free Wheel Cleaner is biodegradable.

USAGE: Depending on the nature and degree of contamination, it can be diluted in a maximum ratio of 1 part product to 4 parts water.Wet the rim with water, spray the solution on the rim (rub in with a brush if necessary), let it work even and then rinse with water (preferably under high pressure).

REMARK: Acid Free Wheel Cleaner NEVER apply to a hot rim.
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