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Microfiber towel Net Glass 380 40×40cm

Microfiber towel Net Glass 380 40×40cm

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  • Made in South Korea


#krytexpower glass towels are the perfect tool for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. We've specially designed them to ensure the best cleaning results every time. We use only the finest quality microfiber fabric, making them soft, comfortable, and extremely absorbent.
     Our towels are lint-free, streak-free, and machine washable, making them easy to care for and ensuring they last a long time. They're also highly hygienic, ensuring that you're not transferring germs or bacteria from one surface to another.
    #krytexpower towels are woven with a high density of inclined-mountain structure, which makes them highly effective at removing stains and pollution from glass surfaces. They're also safer from linting issues than ordinary waffle weave towels.
     In short, glass towels by #krytexpower are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to achieve a streak-free, sparkling finish on their windows and glass surfaces. 

Try them today and see the difference for yourself!

Name : Microfiber Net Glass  380
Temper :  30% Polyamide / 70% Polyester
Size : 40×40 cm
Color : Gray/blue, Gray/red
Origin : South Korea
Customized packaging : available

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